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Chess games in electronic form (usually downloaded from Internet sites) are written in algebraic notation and in accordance with the PGN Standards (Pgn=Portable Game Notation). The chess games are thus given in files with the extension pgn, e.g. kasparov.pgn (all chess games of Kasparov). Chess Playing software as FRITZ, ARENA, WINBOARD and other in order to play a chess game they need it in algebraic notation -in English Language- and better in pgn standards, otherwise the file does not open. Pgn files are normal text files that can be opened with a Notepad or other editor and be adjusted or modified. A game in pgn standards is reported at the end of this Help file. The pgn standards are given to you here and are included in your zip file you downloaded. The aim of this software is to convert Chess Notation from a language to another. An attempt is made to make the conversion similar to the pgn notation standards in order the converted notation in English language can be readable by a chess playing software.

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